Lightweight Camps

This is a camp designed to move easily, every day if necessary, while providing the maximum amount of comfort possible. As a guide they are between a mobile tented camp and a fly camp in comfort level, and in similar fashion to those are always exclusive (accommodating only one group at a time).

The dining tent usually has a canvas roof and mosquito netting sides. There are aluminum tables and chairs, a small bar with ice on hand, and solar or kerosene lanterns and candles for light.

The accommodation tents can be stand up room tents, or domed Eureka tents. They invariably have a small table and solar lighting, and cots with mattresses and bedding.

Usually there is a separate loo tent and shower tent, although in some cases this may be at the back of each tent. All this is packed up in boxes and loaded into a truck on move day!

We generally use these camps on canoeing trips on the Zambezi, or in very remote areas, such as Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. We have used these camps in the Serengeti for folks prepared to have less luxury, who were keen on the flexibility possible. This allowed us to change plans in a case where the Great Migration was not where we anticipated it to be.

We simply packed up camp in the morning, moved, and had it up again in the evening. During this period of activity our guests were on a game drive and had a picnic lunch!