Permanent camps

Permanent tented camps vary widely in size, standard and the experience they offer, and often are located inside national parks and in more remote areas than lodges.

They can be similar to lodges, but permanent camps nearly always have some tentage used in the structure, and often imbibe a more “outdoor” feel, with a campfire near the lounge, and subdued lighting.

Most permanent camps that we recommend are luxurious. They rarely have more than 15 tents (usually no more than 8), and even when that large, will normally have more than one dining room, providing a more intimate atmosphere within your group. All have modern plumbing, shower and toilet facilities with running water, and some have a swimming pool, and occasionally (not always) a communication center and perhaps a small gym.

Most permanent tented camps are not exclusive, and so you are likely to meet other groups while staying there. This provides variety to safaris when combining with exclusive luxury mobile tented camps, lightweight camps or “fly camps”, and the opportunity to meet other guests and swap stories.

While most guests in these places share vehicles with other visitors, if you are on a private guided safari with us, we usually book a private vehicle and your A Step Ahead guide will lead you on drives, walks or other activities while staying here, ensuring activities are varied and interesting.