Desert Rhino Camp – Damaraland, Namibia

This camp is situated on the million acre, private Palmwag Reserve in the heart of the dramatic mountainous and stony desert known as Damaraland,

The camp is simply laid out. It has central dining and lounge tents, beside an open fireplace and a small plunge pool. The eight Meru-style accommodation tents are situated on either side, around bushes for shade, facing outwards and offering wonderful views of the desert and mountains. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom, a flush toilet and bucket showers.

This is a perfect place to contemplate this stony and varied desert, and has some of the highest numbers of desert animals in this arid area, including desert adapted elephants, and extremely rare black rhinos. This is one of the few places in Africa where it is possible to track black rhinos by vehicle and on foot.