Greystoke Camp – Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

Greystoke Camp could hardly be sited in a more exotic and unusual location.

The camp’s dining tent gallantly lies on the white sands of Kangwena beach, on the shores of the gin blue waters of Lake Tanganyika, in front of the lush jungle slopes of the Mahale Mountains. There are two bars, one on a nearby rocky promontory giving views across the lake, and the other in the dining tent on the beach. Fresh lake caught fish is often on the menu, and the camp’s sushi served at the bar is renowned.

The other structures in camp including the accommodation chalets are hidden into the chimpanzee inhabited forest, with barely their verandas peeking out to catch the lake breeze.

Each chalet is cleverly built on wooden decks with palm thatch roofs and other local materials adjoining the main bedroom with the adjacent shower and loo. The sides and windows are open to the elements, allowing for the fresh air from the lake for coolness. The beds have mosquito nets which are lowered around them in the evenings. Lighting is solar powered.

For those who dream of remote places, this has to be one of the best!