Luxury mobile tented camps

A luxury mobile tented camp is a self-sufficient luxury unit transported in a custom designed camp truck.

The lorry carries all the water and fuel, a camp freezer, tents, bedding, cutlery, washbasins, fresh fruit and vegetables, bar, ice, camp crew and everything else you could possibly imagine that would make your stay comfortable, while still allowing the possibility to move the whole camp within two or three days to a new location.

Our criteria for an excellent camping safari has always combined factors relating to comfort and standard, and those relating to the experience, such as the location, view and the wildlife movements in the area. During the last millennia (i.e. up to the 1990s!) tourism and human population pressures were less, and it was possible to place a camp almost anywhere.

There are now luxurious lodges and stylish permanent tented camps situated in beautiful locations. Most of these stunning sites were discovered by professional safari guides years ago, staying in their mobile camps.

Since the location is an important factor in where we choose to stay, we suggest luxury mobiles less frequently nowadays. However there are some cases where we recommend a stay in a mobile camp – often when exploring remote areas, or when you prefer exclusivity and we can book an excellent campsite.

In layout and facilities they are almost identical to the seasonal tented camp. The lounge tent may be a little smaller, and there may have short drop loos, instead of the mini-flush loos more common in the seasonal tented camps. Food is superb, and the service is outstanding.

Since there are no other guests in camp, there is no need for you to accommodate other people here, no waiting for service while the steward attends to other guests, or having to explain which group you belong to, so you may be told where your dining table is located. There are no set meal times. In many ways the camp becomes your home. You have meals when you want, and how you want.