Mountain Camps & refuge huts

Because mountains are inaccessible places where all supplies must be brought in, we can usually only supply the most basic comforts. We either use portable tents or we stay in fixed mountain refuges in the busier areas, such as in the Pyrenees.

Mountain climbing camps must be carried by porters, and so are extremely light. We use them when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

The dining tent is often a locally made nylon tent with lightweight poles and solar lighting. It is simply furnished with lightweight tables and chairs. We sometimes have a brazier inside to warm the tent.

There is also a private mobile loo tent with a portable eco-flush loo. Sometimes we include a small shower tent, so that it is possible to take a quick shower using the solar bag style lightweight showers.

We usually accommodate up to 2 people in a 3-man lightweight mountain tent.

Mountain huts accommodate more people, and vary considerably. They usually consist of a larger building block, divided into smaller 4 or 6 bed compartments furnished with bunk beds and mattresses. They often have separate shower and toilet blocks.

On Mounts Meru and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania all the catering is supplied by our own crews. In the Pyrenees there is usually a small bar and a dining room, catered by the refuge hut management.