Seasonal camps

These tented camps are better equipped than the traditional mobile camps, and are also able to be packed up and moved, leaving little trace of their presence afterwards.

They often move between two locations – one spot in the green season and another in the dry season, or they may follow the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, moving to two or three different sites in the year. In some cases, such as in southern Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, they are situated in seasonal areas and are open a few months a year.

These camps are small but not exclusive (unless you are a large enough group to book the whole camp), so you can swap stories with other guests there.

They are very similar in structure to a traditional mobile camp, with much the same atmosphere but, because they move less often, they have more furniture and other structures. They usually have both a dining tent and a bar/lounge tent, and often have a library.

Large spacious tents, solar electric lighting, with an en suite flush loo and an indoor or outdoor shower is the norm.

They can be wonderful places to stay for a few nights as they may be nearer the migration, or they allow you to see a different area, without having to pay the expense of sending your own camp there.