Hotel Zubieta

The charming Hotel Zubieta lies on the outskirts of the old fishing port of Lekeitio in the heart of the Basque country. It is within walking distance of this ancient whaling port, also known for the unusual 15th century gothic church of Santa Maria.

The building was once the stables for the Yarza family’s charges, and was rebuilt in the 18th century before it became a hotel. The Yarza family are still lords of the land on which it lies, and of the neighboring Zubieta Palace. Legend has it that Queen Isabel II left Spain from here when she went into exile in the summer of 1868, during the Carlist Wars, two years before she abdicated the throne.

There are 23 rooms in this small hotel, a bar with a cozy and welcoming fireplace, and an adjoining breakfast room, where hot coffee and delicious croissants and fruit are available in the mornings.